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Originally Posted by Berklon View Post
They got a bargain.

If MLSE held out, they probably would've gotten 1 billion for the rights... and even that's probably still a bargain. One of the most popular arenas housing big name franchises in Canada's financial capital and highest populated area and a world-class city - you gotta pay if you wanna play with the big boys.
It may be a bargain from some point of views but, it's still ridiculous. I wonder how many employees will be laid off while others have their workloads increased or will they just slash more benefits to pay for this new expenditure? I realize it sounds crazy but, this is exactly what happens with every big move. They are not going to dip into their profits. It may be the big stadium in the big Canadian city however, there isn't much room left for the banks to grow in Canada in the first place. See CIBC. They went from second to irrelevant in 20 years not just because of their piss poor customer satisfaction but, because they explored the least outside of Canada.
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