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Good point on the Great Western Forum, growing up I had no idea it was a corporate name also. If I recall it was just called "The Forum" when it was built?

Let's not forget Wrigley Field which was named for Wrigley gum, when they (or him) were owners of the team. Corporate names are nothing new in buildings but attention needs to be paid to length of time and quality of the brand that goes after naming rights (The Brick Field is terrible, Hard Rock Stadium... Terrible)

The old corporations named after families always sound best. Next is a corporate name with some sort of geography reference in it like "Great Western" or "Air Canada", but overall what makes a name stick is time and or winning. The United Center opened in 1994 I think but has become normalized from all those Bulls championships.

I remember when American Airlines bought the name for Miami after Dallas and I thought that was silly - having two arenas with the same corporate brand slapped on with just Arena and Center tacked on. Leagues should of stepped in to stop such silly stuff - Canada has taken it to another level though.
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