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Originally Posted by Acajack View Post
As expected, Ukraine is very much off the radar here in Quebec.

Seen by many as a kinda Russian, kinda not Russian place.

Some people might see it as one of a number of peoples struggling to maintain their identity in the face of a huge dominant neighbour.
Speak for yourself, suburban Outaouais guy! I have a Russian-owned apartment building in my hood - Dmitri, owner - and it is home to many Russians and former Russians. Yuri, who has become a great friend of mine, is Dmitri's 'representative' when it comes to rent etc. Yuri is Ukranian (though veers pro Russia) and used to be a film director of some note back in the Soviet days. We regulary discuss the pros and cons of democracy/communism whilst downing shots of bootleg Cuban rum. He's an invaluable source of tips on photo taking (my god he knows photography!) and is generally acknowledged, in our little zone, as being "The World's Most Interesting Man".

Don't make sweeping generalizations!
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