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i think i've made you angry so i'm sorry and stuff.

i guess what surprised me was the belief, the implication that the republicans are in more danger than the democrats (currently) -in texas -or anywhere!
my opinion, the Rs are currently trying to 'find' themselves, redefine themselves, reorganize and are at this time leaderless. to be sure, sarah palin would be welcome at any convention or tea type party but independent conservatives are holding out for real leadership. old guard grampy mcCain was an absolute jape. he would be a welcome backbencher at best.
the Ds have now been taken over by the radical left of their party; the 'erudite' college professor wing. America's whimsical & risky fllirtation/experimentation with Obamunism will actually have been a godsend for the floundering Rs. even hilary (of clinton co.) is waiting on the sidelines. do you understand that the undeserving Rs will benefit from the foolery & damage being caused by this current admin.? and that's bad for America altogether.

i hope you are keen enuf to note the difference and growing divide between the old checkpant Repulican and the (~social/Reagan) independent conservative -which most americans indentify themselves as.

look, texas is big but so far, far away -from el Kanada at least.
and so i am unable to comment much about small obscure counties like 'Nueces' or 'Travis' or 'Tom Green' (<isn't T.G. some b grade actor?).
i suspect that only the illegal/undocumented mexican alien or an acorn type activist group(s) can help maintain any assemblance of a Democrat party in texas. as in canada, Liberals don't win with overt 'ideas'.

certainly we can at least agree 2010 has not been nice to B.O. and his ilk.
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