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Originally Posted by electricron View Post
The Party that can win the "center" usually will win the elections. It doesn't matter which state in the union we're discussing, the "independents" rule.
Independents switch votes from one party to the other from one election to the next because they are the "center".
It's an embarrassment for the Democrat Party to have a "super" majority and can't agree amongst themselves to pass a unified health care bill, which their leader stated was/is the number one national issue, through Congress.

Independents will remember that failure this fall....
^no. well kind of...
if you're suggesting the 'center' is simply mid of the the two supposed ideologies, R & D, than you are mistook. America is a center-right nation. this is how america operates best. in canada, yes. we are more liberal. we can afford to be more... 'risque'.

the vast majority of americans and/or independants were not so unhappy with your current healthcare that they wanted it totally revamped via a 2000page undigested bill. when was this monster crafted? why so extensive and secretive? this is an insidious & shameless powergrab by the socialists wing of the Liberals to forever have the citizenry beholden to big brother from cradle to grave. preserve your freedoms! trust me, you won't enjoy waiting in an emergency ward for hours for 'canadian style' service. our pets get better healthcare! just yesterday in newfoundland, the premier opted to get his heart surgery in the US, -not in his own country! when push comes to shove, there is a superior choice.

the fact that with 'hyper' majorities the Dems are unable to 'get anything passed' thus far and are sinking in all/any poll is a testament to how far left they have ventured. even their own are trying to figure out if it would be possible to vote for such odious bills and still manage to get re-elected somehow. i think they have painted themselves in a corner with certain unachievable and foolish promises. (lol, they took they're base too serious! i believe rahm emanuel called them 'f*#@& retards'...)

i realize i have steered this thread clearly 'off topic' so i hereby abate. maybe.
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