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You guys don't sweat the homogeneity thing with your nuts technical terms, eh? Of course it's generally homogeneous, as a natural consequence of the French egalitarian ideals which our entire population (including ourselves on this forum) was soaked in straight from elementary school, for the much much better if you ask me. Questions and disagreements are about how to actually and effectively implement these ideals by connecting them to economic efficiency. That's still a huge challenge, as shown by this single phrase.
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France is extremely homogeneous outside of Paris as far as GDP is concernced.
Well, that's the hellish problem. There's only one "outside of" in there, whereas in a perfect world, there wouldn't be any at all. So my point is there should be several "outside of." I think sometimes, we should proceed by little temporary concessions over the strict principles, but it'd just be like crafty tricks until everyone catches up on the so called luckiest through friendly, respectful, smartly regulated - that means both fair and flexible enough as much as possible - competition. I think that's understandable, especially when economic competition always brings about more jobs and created wealth, that is systematic. That's why I'm in favor of further decentralization in the country. It would most definitely allow such tricks, like they do in the US. I don't think any territory would ever be left abandoned anyway. We French are certainly often rude and obnoxious, but I feel like most of us truly love our country. So I don't think any of us would ever be abandoned in a struggle even in a more competitive inner environment. That just would be immoral and too ugly. If you carefully watch what actually happens over there, you see that in the US, in spite of their seemingly harsh system, they won't do that ugly either.
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