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Originally Posted by rousseau View Post
You know, I'm somewhat ashamed to say that I've never been to the mainland aside from Hong Kong (both pre and post-1997--and I still don't really see it as a standard part of the mainland).

Many friends and acquaintances have told me that their idea of culinary heaven is Sichuan, and I believe them. My impression of Shanghai from afar is that it's a major metropolis (well, d'uh) where all the regional cuisines are represented to great effect.

I must go sometime. Problem is, my Taiwanese wife is very anti-mainland, and wants to go to a thousand other places before ever setting foot in China. So a trip to Shanghai is not exactly in the offing in the near future, unfortunately. Even though even my wife will admit that Shanghai itself is sort of the London of China, its denizens displaying a refinement setting it above all other regions in the country (with the arrogance to go with it, of course).

I hear ya. It's pretty common for Taiwanese to have zero interest in taking a vacation to the Mainland. My wife is Taiwanese as well, and she likes SH. The rest of China? Not so much.

I was in Chongqing last August, and it goes without saying that the food there is unbelievable. Sichuan province could be separate from China, and stand on its own as a world cuisine with the likes Mexican and Thai.

I'm going to get off my butt, and start taking some pictures of restaurants I like in SH. I've got a bunch of hidden gems that only locals know about. SH is definitely a microcosm of all that is culinary in China. It's easily one of the best reasons to live here.
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