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Originally Posted by Human Scale View Post
At the CDR the developers stated they had yet to secure all air rights. The height is ok and was not disputed zoning wise, but the design of the tower directly abuts nearly all neighbors. Usually if you want windows you have to give 3 feet on your end and 3 feet on the neighbor's end, otherwise it has to be a blank wall. If they don't get certain air rights they will simply need to change the design to be slimmer where appropriate. But can maintain the height. Correct me if I'm wrong. The developer wants to max max max out floor area ratio and they really want those air rights to make this project hit better returns.

There was an issue with the alley and whether they have the L&I permission to include the alleys. It should be noted that while alleys are public, they are also included in your deed. i.e. "property includes this length to this length to this length including a certain three foot alley." Some wider cartways may be written as "communicating with a certain three foot alley." Some cartways are historically protected I would hope. But doesn't L&I deal with "striking alleys from the grid" all the time? I certainly know they handle lot consolidation.

Cecil Baker and the developer were both unsure about this project being doable as is. But this particular CDR presentation was information only anyway, not a proper submission. I think the developer just wanted to get in front of the growing interest. They even brought a few jewlers with them who basically said "We're dying. We need this. We aren't going to last much longer without something like this."
What neighbors? There are no adjacent neighbors above three stories.
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