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Originally Posted by Busy Bee View Post
Re: the McKinley Park site. Perhaps I've got something mixed up here. I may have been thinking of the Brighton Park site. Was there talk of a potential stadium there? - I could have sworn I heard something about this.

Anyways, I suppose this is a good spot to throw out my Southside combined Sox/Fire sports complex idea. I'll just copy and paste from a previous post:
Sorry BB , I dont see your vision. All the disadvantages of Bridgeview in that it is too far from dt, and there is no pregame/postgame establishment that fans would go to. And the White Sox are not moving further away into a neighborhood that is not an improvement over their current environs.

If anything the Fire should build in one of the White Sox parking lots or one of the Chicago Stadium parking lots. Then build a parking deck to replace lost slots.

I prefer the Chicago Stadium site since the NBA/NHL seasons are opposite of the MLS season. This would activate the west side complex on an additional 20 events in the summer. It would anchor the west side and take advantage of the new Damen Green line stop and still be accessible to the Med District Blue Line stop. It is easy to imagine entertainment/retail and even more dense housing growing in the immediate area around the Stadium.
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