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Originally Posted by MonkeyRonin View Post
Not sure why you keep bringing up the "wealth belt" as if that were of any particular relevance. Unlike some cities where you have a favoured quarter and everything else is bombed out, Toronto's north end isn't any more notable than the east or west ends.

It's actually to the west that's the most urban, dense, culturally relevant, heavily visited, etc.
While the difference isn't as drastic as say a rust belt city, the "favoured quarter" effect is still clearly present in Toronto. When talking wealth, the historically most desirable and expensive neighbourhoods pretty much run in a straight line from Rosedale -> Forest Hill -> Lawrence Park ->Bridal Path -> York Mills. No where in the West or East really has that phenomenon of uninterrupted wealth stretching straight from the core.

Even just looking at an aerial you can see the effect with how much leafier it appears than the surrounding areas given the grander streets, bigger lots, and less exposed concrete.

No doubt there are also tons of affluent areas to the West of High Park, but they are more disconnected from the core with the Humber River pretty much acting as the Western border of the core city in prewar Toronto.
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