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Originally Posted by citywatch View Post
open the pop up & scroll to one of the inner pages

btw, thanks to mojeda & forumers like you for taking the time to update the front page of the dtla thread or create comprehensive lists. however, I would like to see the existing thread merged with this one since I love seeing the dtla forum with over 2.6 million posts listed next to it.

At first glance I see:

-4th & Hill still saying this year
-Mack Urban still saying this year
-Related needs $$ to get their Grand Ave project off the ground
-JW Marriott has been pushed over a year
-Barry Shy pushes his projects for the umpteenth time
-Hellens tower (I really liked this one) fell apart
-Alexan lost its timeline
-Apex 2 in early spring
-4th & Broadway completely left off list?

Edit: Updated my list towards the top of the page to reflect the news.

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