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Originally Posted by SpongeG View Post
he was convicted on 2nd degree so he is eligible for parole in 10 years unless the jury decide he has to wait 25 years to be eligible

I guess they felt there may have been someone else involved with him - i wonder if there was?
there are loop holes in our justice system that will prevent him ever being released. there are several other serial killers that will never see the light of day even though technically they should be released after serving 25 years.

on another note this guy probably was involved but everything seems to point to him being a fall guy and others involved. the worst thing is that in all probability he wasn't responsible for all the murders, maybe not even for a majority of them(out of the 50 or so) but the police just blamed everything and anything they could on him, they litterarly wiped their files clean by just saying he did it. cant blame them though since like this they saved a bit of face and now their works done while the public also thinks that the disapearences and murders all got solved. so yeah for sure hes the rcmps fall guy for alot of the murders and disapearences, i mean there were people that they said he killed and suddenly they showed up alive already so...
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