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Originally Posted by bils View Post
Pickton, 58.....


this makes no sense whatsoever. how it is possible that he could get the maximum sentence and still serve only 25 years? he's been CONVICTED of SIX 2nd degree murders. he should be sentenced to 6x25 YEARS = 150 YEARS in prison. so technically he could murder 1000 people and still only serve 25 years? you gotta be fucking kidding me. and we wonder why we have a problem with crime in this country...........
I have complete faith in our justice system sentencing a man who's nearly 60 years old to a prison sentence where he won't see the outside walls until he's 83 years old. chances are, the man dies in prison. he already has Hep C and probably won't last that long anyways. and besides, do you honestly think we would parole one of the most notorious serial killers in the country? if that was the case, i'm sure Cliff Olsen would be walking the streets picking up more victims as we speak.
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