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Originally Posted by Distill3d View Post
I have complete faith in our justice system sentencing a man who's nearly 60 years old to a prison sentence where he won't see the outside walls until he's 83 years old. chances are, the man dies in prison. he already has Hep C and probably won't last that long anyways. and besides, do you honestly think we would parole one of the most notorious serial killers in the country? if that was the case, i'm sure Cliff Olsen would be walking the streets picking up more victims as we speak.
See, that's half the problem with the Canadian justice system: people don't get the *just* sentence they deserve, they get light sentences, on top of which, the length you serve often appears to be calculated dependent on how notorious your case is. Who cares if he murdered 6 people and it made front covers or if he murdered 1 person and it went unnoticed by the press?! You commit murder, you go to jail. Forget parole and "he's such a model prisoner" nonsense...he's removed somebody's mother, sister, wife or daughter from the planet so justice needs to be served.

Man, I'm sure criminals come here because they know that even if they get caught, some bleeding heart is gonna pervert the legal justice system to plead their case and reduce the severity of their punishment! Sad state...
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