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Originally Posted by kylemacmac View Post
Vancouver made the decision to not build freeways in the 1950s and 60s, focusing instead on improving public transit and not widening roads. The idea was good and all, but with no freeway system, and only a semi-complete grade-separated transit system across the city, it's still not fast or easy to get around with or without a car. Unless you intend to travel down a skytrain line, or drive from Commercial to downtown on the viaducts, mediocrity is the word. Ripping out the viaducts and expanding skytrain down Hastings to the PNE and down Broadway to UBC would send a clear message about the direction the city wants to take, and force the issue of higher transit use. This would bring the city closer to the ideals envisioned in the 1950s when they protested freeway construction in the first place. Also, it would give Vancouverites some actual clout when as they are awarded things like "most greenest city in the world ever" status by fawning American planners. Of course the viaducts could be incorporated into this transit vision, but without their removal or a vast overhaul, the message sent would be vastly less clear.
Tom Campbell's freeway plan was from the 1960's, not 50's. If you look at the infrastrucutre from the Fifties (Granville St, Oak St and Second Narrows bridges) it was all strongly car-oriented.

The Vancouver of today is a vastly larger city than that of the 1960's. While putting a "greenest city in the world" feather in Gregor's cap might be some's ideal, it is in an inherently elitist program that says to suburbanites "we don't want you here". To thrive, a downtown area needs to draw from all over a metro region.

And, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't some eco-weenie CoV planners make Venables less efficient in dealing with the traffic coming off the viaducts with corner sidewalk bulges and similar nonsense?
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