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Originally Posted by officedweller View Post
The actual plan for the freeway was to connect to a massive interchange near Gore St. that would have gutted Chinatown (there's still a row of extra wide RoW / empty lots along Gore for the freeway to the Waterfront). The RoW to the east would have been north of Prior St. in line with the viaducts (they just curve down to connect with Prior St.) - not sure if it would have gone all the way out to the TCH (Cassiar St. at the time).

At one time Fever had posted photos of plans he found at the Vancouver Public Library.
There were actually numerous plans/engineering studies from the 1950's and 1960's commissioned by the City of Vancouver to implement a massive freeway system. They included tearing down all homes between Union/Prior Streets for a direct connection to Hwy 401 (1). Freeways through Chinatown, Gastown, the waterfront, North False Creek, Main Street, Arbutus corridor, etc. Now that would have been bad planning.

I also recall Fever's pics back a few years back and they were similar to the plans/studies that I reviewed at UBC Special Collections back in the day.

I'm still of the opinion that the Malkin/Grandview Cut connector route was probably the only free-flow highway proposal (and the last one) that made any logical sense in terms of connecting the downtown core with Hwy 1 and take all of the regional thru traffic away from the residential streets of 1st Ave./12th Ave., etc.
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