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St-James church on Ste-Catherine.

From wikipedia: When it was built in June 1889, it was the largest Methodist church in Canada, with 2,000 seats; it was nicknamed the "Cathedral Church of Methodism." In 1927, to cover upkeep costs, the church permitted a commercial building to be built in front of its Sainte Catherine Street fa├žade. The building, adjoining the church's structure, concealed the church for over 78 years, the church itself being announced by a large neon sign.

In 2005, as part of an $8-million restoration effort sponsored by the city of Montreal and the Quebec government, a portion of the commercial buildings were demolished, once again revealing the facade of the church, lovely restored to its former glory.

The original

Source: McCord museum

From 1927 to 2005:

Source: Vanishing Montreal



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By aljuarez on Flickr
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