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Hey, thanks for the information! I'll make sure to look at all those websites.

We are in Edmonton so pretty much the same cost wise as Calgary. You say a house to rent/buy was that much more then here? That is something I didn't expect at all. I was prepared for the increase in cost's for say food and gas but homes I thought would be cheaper. Guess it's because of the weather lol, a big reason why we are looking at moving there We are really getting tired of winter in Canada and even summer for that matter plus I would kill for a beach!!

Can you give me anymore info on the work visa? Are you only able to get for 1 year or could you apply for longer? Also you said something about types of work, do you have to be trade related in order to find work there or would we be ok in getting a job? Again these are questions I'll ask those websites you gave me but anything else you can add would be great. How did you find the job you took? How simple/hard was it to make the move and get the paperwork in order?

Thanks again for the help.
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