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Originally Posted by Jonboy1983 View Post
BrianTH posted a map of the recommendations from the Eastern Corridor Trans. Study. There is one big challenge I see with the Mon Valley Corridor for a possible LRT extension: getting around the Edgar Thomson plant. I suppose they could just end it at Rankin. Extending it would mean doing something prohibitively expensive whether it be securing new right of way either right through the property or around it, or building a bridge across the Mon (or using the understructure of the Rankin Bridge), have it run along Rt 837 past Kennywood, and then back over the river into McKeesport. Whatever the option, $$$.
I think that even if they were to just dead-end the route at Rankin, it could still be fairly serviceable for a lot of the communities further down the valley. That route would pass directly through the hypothetical Carrie Furnace development, which has plenty of open space. A parking garage at a station here could offer a pretty effective park-and-ride option for commuters that would otherwise use the already clogged Parkway East or Carson Street. It could also spur significant TOD on riverfront land that hasn't seen much progress despite being ready for it. Lastly, this would also be a big benefit for the Carrie Furnace restoration efforts, as it would provide a direct transportation route from downtown to the historic site. I'm pretty confident that this could become a go-to attraction for tourists to the area.
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