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Originally Posted by RespectCondor View Post
Has anybody seen this proposal (it might be more of a study or a concept) for a Westend pedestrian bridge?

Is this connected to the proposals going on in Manchester? If its at all realistic and is built, I think it would be a great way to link the river trails and provide the best view of downtown from a bridge to pedestrians and cyclists. Not to mention increase the ability of non vehicular movement for the Westend and Manchester.
It looks nice, but I'm not sure who it's for exactly. The riverfront trial dies out by the Duquense Incline, so people can't walk up from the river there. And in order to make a convenient path to the West End proper, the bridge shoud really stay elevated over W Carson and the tangled mess of ramps by Saw Mill Run Boulevard, only coming down on Lincoln Highway close to the business district.

And even with that, only around 300 or so people live in the West End last I checked.
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