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The URA is meeting tomorrow. The big news is they appear to have picked a developer for Lexington Technology Park - the 16-acres site in Point Breeze. About four acres of the site will be given over to residential uses. This will include 25 for-sale townhouses, and 125 apartment units - half of which will be affordable. The remaining 12 or so acres will be used for commercial, with the plan to not demolish the two existing buildings, but to spend $22.6 million in order to refurbish them. The rendering shown on the PBT website seems to show two new buildings in the rear of the development (one may be a parking garage), along with an extension of Thomas Boulevard breaking up the superblock. It took some digging, but I found a presentation here. It seems to be an earlier version with more housing than in the final bid, but I can't find the final version that is supposed to be on the URA website.

The team behind the project have been active on some smaller projects in Pittsburgh, including Cube Creative Space, the Bloomfield Lofts condo project, and the Bovie House apartments in Shadyside.

Anyway, tomorrow's URA agenda is here:. Looks like the URA is also going to review Low-Income Housing Tax Credits for 11 potential projects. Some other interesting stuff as well, but unlike the city agendas, basically no information is given about the details of the projects, so it's not really worth summarizing.
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