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Originally Posted by hipster duck View Post
What I meant to say is that Quebec is a new world society, where its demographics reflect colonization. As you point out, the majority of French Quebeckers can trace their origins to a combination of original French colonists, Aboriginal ancestry and some early 19th century European immigration, notably Irish. No other part of the Americas has this combination, but most other parts of the Americas - at least the ones that got settled very early on - had this sort of practice.

In that sense, Quebec - and Montreal especially, given that it continued to be a huge magnet for immigration after the rest of Quebec ceased to be - is really an "American" (i.e. of the Americas) society and not European at all.
If you put it that way, then I get it.

I just find it's a bit ridiculous when people say Montreal/Quebec are just your regular run-of-the-mill Canada/USA, except in French.

It's like when people say Canada is exactly the same as the U.S. except for different colour money and universal healthcare.

(We all know how people loooooove that!)
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