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^^That cliff collapse took place in 2006.

Some articles in the local press last week.
Nouvelle Route du Littoral: Ceremony laying the foundation stone
December 20, 2013

The prefect of Réunion, left. The president of the regional council, right.

The first accropode block was officially laid at La Possession, on Friday, December 20, under heavy rainfall.


During construction of the Nouvelle Route du Littoral, which will spread over several years, more than 20,000 accropode blocks will be used to build the dikes and the La Possession interchange.

At the ceremony were present several top officials, among them Jean-Luc Marx, prefect of Réunion, Alain Saint-Ange, Seychelles minister of tourism, Senator Michel Fontaine, the mayor of La Possession Roland Robert, and of course the president of Réunion's regional council, Didier Robert.


"I am very happy to be able to respect a promise that I made 3 years ago. It's December 20, and we're on schedule to start construction", said Didier Robert, after laying the first accropode block with the prefect of Réunion.

A construction work which he calls "colossal and most usefull in terms of security for all users of the road, and most useful for the Réunionese economy."

Bernard Siriex, chairman of Réunion's federation of construction businesses, described the day as "a great day for the construction industry. This project ensures that public works will pick up again and give us hope that construction activity will rise in Réunion." "Specialists from the entire world will come to visit the construction sites, because never has such a long and wide overseas structure been built to resist hurricane forces", he added.
Nouvelle Route du Littoral: Didier Rober proud to start "the largest construction project ever launched on our island"
December 20, 2013


According to Didier Robert, this is a road "distant enough from the cliffs so that we are definitely safe from any massive rock fall."

More than 2,000 Réunionese working on the construction

This 4-lane toll free road for motorists, with some added lanes for public transports, is "one of the most important infrastructure project launched nationwide, and the largest road project in Europe", underlined Didier Robert, adding that 2,000 Réunionese will work on the construction.


"We'll do it without scaling back anything"

The cost of the project, estimated at 1.662 billion euros and depicted as "astronomic" by some, is also under control according to Didier Robert. "Not only are we going to sustain this project, but we will do so without scaling back other commitments that we've made", assured he, mentioning the modernization of the Rolland Garros and Pierrefonds airports, the financial help to the tourism industry, renewable energies, sugarcane, ...

Conscious that this project will never gather unanimous support, Didier Robert said he wished to "let the detractors opposed to this project, as they are to many other projects, by principle, enjoy their full freedom of speech. As for me, I'm on the side of those who choose to move from words to action", concluded he.
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