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Wow - I can't believe a off-hand mention about a stadium name change, a misguided debate over a ballpark sale to the state, and discussion of structural rehabilitation for the ballpark can inspire this much argument.

Nobody's remotely mentioned tearing down the ballpark, and certainly not moving the Cubs to anyplace else.

Just take a chill pill. No corporation is fool enough to totally change the name of Wrigley Field, a sale to the state is a horrible use of bond-issuing (and therefore unlikely for the foreseeable future), and structural rehabilitation will help Wrigley to stay around for ANOTHER century - so why are you all acting like the place is about to be demolished?

I personally welcome some sort of cosmetic upgrades to Wrigley. The place has looked like shit ever since the team mounted those concrete panels on the facade - stop acting like Wrigley has remained in stasis since it was built. It's the home of a baseball team, and the demands of the team and of fans evolve over time. Trying to keep Wrigley forever unchanged is a losing battle - either the stadium must adapt to changing usage through renovation, or it becomes obsolete and must be totally replaced. I believe that renovations and additions can be made in a tasteful and respectful manner, and the recent bleacher expansion has only demonstrated this.
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