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Originally Posted by SFUVancouver View Post
Does anyone know if this system is incorporated into all of our new buses, including the Novabuses?

Regarding the introduction of the E60LF articulated trolleys, I have heard from a few drivers that they are going to be in operation beginning in "a few weeks" and run on the #3, #9, and #20 routes. One driver said he was already signed up to drive the '60s on the 9# some time soon in the spring.
It's showing up on all newer buses. They will probably phase it into the older new buses as time goes by (they did on some trolleys which didn't have it before)
I mentioned before that they will start running the #3 in Feb and some other routes will start mid-March apparently.
Btw, there is only 1 E40LF, which is the original 40 ft test bus that was mislabeled. The rest are E40LFRs. I don't believe there was an E60LF model at all, as it would look like the older low floor B-Line buses.
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