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Gotta say there's some great pics here!

Originally Posted by SpikePhanta View Post

Also the original thing was "Despite all the highways in the area, London is the largest city in North America that does not have a freeway to serve 'local' traffic."
Correct. I guess I should have been clearer. While Winnipeg and Vancouver are comparable in this sense, there are a few freeway segments/stubs in these cities that are used by residents in the city/metro. In London's case, they're used for long distance traffic, bypassing the area altogether.

Originally Posted by caltrane74 View Post
Whitford, you need to see a picture of the basketweave. I looked around for a photo and couldn't find one. That is a very amazing highway feature.
Here's a pic of one of the basketweaves on Highway 401:

(From the Wikipedia Basketweave article:

Is the 401 still the busiest highway in North America, or has the Santa Monica Freeway in Los Angeles regained its title from the T Dot?

Is there any other Canadian highway, that is as busy as the 401? In Montral perhaps?
Highway 401 is by far the busiest highway in North America, having volumes over 435,000 cars per day in some sections of Toronto. No highway in the US tops 400k. It may very well be the busiest highway in the world but there's no official stat to back this up.

Canada's second busiest highway is Highway 427 which sees a over 340,000 cars per day in some sections of Toronto.
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