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but it is important to have a centralized core that is the strongest and most affluent of the bunch when it comes to Business and Entertainment, if not all we will have is a bunch of Saskatoons strung together with no true heart to our region that represents our population size. To me that would simply make us a Phoenix with towers and trains (both being equally boring and both being equally lacking in a true urban heart) There are many cities in this world that have several smaller city centers in their metro-areas, but there is always one that rises far above the rest. Also, those cities often have population above 10 million and their residential sections are more lively than our most urban area.

Again, it is a good idea to have smaller cores in the suburbs (such as Richmond and Metrotown and Coquitlam) but these should always remain secondary to the primary core, downtown Vancouver. If not, Vancouver is essentially wishing to commit business suicide and our region will continue to fall behind in attracting/generating major companies
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