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Originally Posted by paradigm4 View Post
1. Where is all this traffic everyone speaks of? Every time I travel east to Hwy 1, there's nary a car around. The whole Stadium station area is usually pretty dead.

2. It may only be my perception, but don't the viaducts simply duplicate the street network that is provided at-grade by Expo and Pacific Boulevards?

3. Why would we have a section of an elevated expressway cutting through the eastside of the downtown when there's nothing to exactly be zooming past? The whole area is an industrial wasteland! It's an old remnant of the 70's freeway proposals and does not fit in with the urban fabric of the city.

4. Where did this whole, we can't build a sloping road, come from? The escarpment isn't exactly steep and it wouldn't be difficult to continue Dunsmuir to connect with Expo Bl.

5. If the question came down to keeping and maintaining the viaducts, or demolishing them and developing the land, thus creating enough profit to build the Downtown Streetcar (not to mention destroying the physical and psychological barriers between NEFC and the DTES), I for one would choose the latter.
1) IMO, there is a lot of traffic on the viaducts, but the viaducts move traffic out of DT very well. usually, you would see traffic downstream, like eastbound on venebles at clark, or turning left from main onto terminal.

2) I think the viaducts had more usefulness before, when the area had railyards.

3) although the downtown freeway is dead, the viaducts make the malkin st overpass more useful to build.

4) from the ground floor of spectrum to the roof of costco is ~?30 metres? you would have an awkward at best and unsafe at worst (snow) ramp if you build short ramps from say the east end of GM place to the top of the escarpment. don't forget that the ramp of the viaduct at the east runs for 1 block, from prior to main in order to get to that height, with a slight curve.

5) IMO the viaducts have found a place in the fabric of downtown. I would rather they make improvments to expo blvd, which I think is more of an impedement to the pedestrian realm (as with the lack of development) than the viaducts are.
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