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Greater Springfield Land Corp's bi-monthly magazine Big Picture (March/April 2007 ed), "The Odyssey Science City" [PDF] offers some tantalizing facts about this project, straight from the horse's mouth:
Springfield Land Corporation has signed an historic agreement with a consortium to create one of India’s largest greenfield cities, Odyssey Science City.

This multi-billion dollar city is being developed to create a new era of economic growth for not just the immediate area but for India as a whole. It is envisioned as a model for the future development of all other cities in India and the world. The introduction of new environmentally sensitive design, high tech, knowledge and systems is intended to make Odyssey Science City the premier City of India.

The Odyssey Science City project involves the acquisition of up to 50,000 acres of land in a Greenfield site located approximately 40 kilometres north of the new Bangalore International Airport. The project will develop a planned city with a population of 3 million people in 15-20 years.

The consortium comprises of Springfield Land Corporation, Jurong International Group and Semb Corp Industries.
In addition the consortium is supported by leading investment and asset management and asset servicing firms whose global client base consists of corporations and institutions.

Springfield Land Corporation Managing Director Robert Sharpless said Springfield Land Corporation’s investment in the creation of this new city is both financial and as a developer.

“Springfield Land Corporation has been actively looking at the growth of India for approximately two years, starting with the city of Bangalore because of its recognition as a high growth IT centre,” said Mr Sharpless.

“In the early days we were very interested in seeing whether we could attract IT companies into the Greater Springfield project and also learn from some of the major IT parks that have been developed in Bangalore. Springfield Land Corporation was subsequently invited by Jurong to partner with them in large scale projects in India. This project represents the first of several projects which have now come to fruition.

“Certainly Springfield Land Corporation and its Greater Springfield project enjoy a very enviable reputation in Asia and we were identified as an ideal partner to carry out such an ambitious project,” said Mr Sharpless.

The Queensland Government has also played a role in assisting the consortium to be selected to undertake the Odyssey Science City Project, through its Queensland Trade Office located in Bangalore.

“Springfield Land Corporation is grateful for the support it has received from the Queensland Government and believes that there are many more significant opportunities for Queensland companies to benefit from developing business in India,” said Mr Sharpless. “With expertise in developing Australia’s largest master planned city from a greenfield site, Greater Springfield, we are providing both advice and financial support to help create a city twice its size,” said Mr Sharpless.

“As with Greater Springfield, the master plan for Odyssey Science City is focussed on creating a new economic base, with jobs, state-of-the-art educational and medical facilities and high quality recreational facilities,” he said.

The Odyssey Science City project will transform a region that is currently of low farming value and features little major infrastructure. There are currently 25,000 people living on the land in small villages, all of whom will be re-settled, offered employment and made stakeholders in the project.

“We are planning to provide modern housing of superior quality, vocational training institutes, educational institutions and hospitals, all of which will contribute significantly to the proposed area of Rayalseema in rejuvenating its economy,”
said Mr Sharpless. A detailed development agreement has been signed with the Government of Andhra Pradesh and there are significant undertakings on behalf of the Government to support the project.


The Odyssey Consortium have conceptualised a proposal to establish a state of the art integrated science city. This project envisages a self contained, modern, hi-tech urban complex with its own comprehensive infrastructure:
• Power
• Water supply
• Expressways
• Telecommunications Networks
• Sewage and Waste disposal
• Desalination Plants
• SEZ’s IT
• Biotech Parks
• Industrial Parks
• Hospitals
• Educational Institutions
• Commercial and residential complexes
• Hotels
• Amusement Parks

The development will be financed entirely by the consortium with the Indian Government’s assistance and support in certain areas. Odyssey Science City is being developed as a national centre for:
• Technology and innovation
• High-tech manufacturing industries
• Software development
• Information technology
• Biotechnology
• Biopharmaceuticals
• Research and development
• Telecommunications
• Supercomputing
• Artificial intelligence
• Industrial robotics
• Education
• Finance and banking
• Tourism and entertainment
• Fine arts
• Medical and healthcare services
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