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^Raaaaa! Damn, that went up FAST! You can see 3 cranes! That is sooo cool. Whoa, the one crane that is the tallest is constructing the main crane. Centerpoint is definately a go. Wushu18t (Lee) mentioned to me that when he went to class this Friday morning, there was not a crane there. A few hours later, the cranes were up.

Centerpoint couldn't have timed it better to put the cranes up for the arts festival. Funny, because Centerpoint Condominiums is the official main sponsor of the Tempe Arts Festival.

Word of advice: try to avoid Tempe this weekend. Both the Arts Festival and the Music Festival (featuring the likes of John Mayer, Gin Blossoms, Vertical Horizon, Train, and a lot more) are going on at the same time, so traffic and parking will be a bitch.

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