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I did, and left early. It wasn't really what I or anyone there expected. It was a meeting where you were supposed to write down your comments and suggestions, and no voiced comments or suggestions were allowed. I think most people were dissapointed because they expected something else from it. I know I least some new information on the park, or the project overall...but it was really the same old thing, sort of a meeting where you discuss other meetings.

The supporters of the park were there (aka hippies) and really I don't know if they annoy others as much as they annoy me, but it seems like they just have this agenda to just fight the system simply to fight it. Even in written comments in the "booklet" which was passed out, they kept raving on about how the park should stay public etc...and that has already been established that it will...let it go.

On a bright note, I did go to Cibo afterwards, my first time there, and it was great.
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