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I took a post-holiday walk through my part of Mission Bay a couple of days ago before they battened down the hatches for this amazing storm.

- The barge crane in the channel is still there. When I walked by, there were some workers standing on the north side of the channel where a cut had been made into the bank and there was a fairly large diameter pipe inside the cut...whether it was coming or going I don't know. Looks like the barge crane is involved in that somehow, but seemed like overkill for the apparent size of the project.

- Two big cranes now working at 409/499 Illinois: One is hanging facade panels on 409, while the other is erecting the steel for 499...first two floors are done, and they're proceeding on 3&4.

- The lift has come down from the former Lowe building next to Old Navy HQ and they were just sealing the last of the gap with window panels when I walked by.

- The pile drivers on the lot next to the Lowe building have been pulled off to the side. Not sure what comes next and when. It looked like they were driving too many piles for testing, but not enough for production.

- Grading equipment has arrived and is doing some work on the block south of there (northeast corner of 3rd and 16th) looked to be shovel-ready before they arrived, so I'm not sure what they're going to be doing.

- Pile driver at Radiance Phase II is down, so they must finally be done there. Work continues on Phase I, but not much visible change from the outside.

- UCSF's cancer research building along 3rd is moving along...most of the exterior has been covered in the yellow exterior sheathing, with the black waterproofing pasted on part of it and the travertine stone facade at the base following close behind. UCSF also digging and laying piping for temporary utility plant in that area.

- Not much going on on the west side of MB South...the Alexandria folks still don't seem to be proceeding very quickly on their projects along Owens. They've finished piling the dirt up at the roundabout for surcharging, so now we wait for that to do its thing.

- 555 Mission Rock is moving along slowly...doing pours for the sheer walls and columns on the second floor.

- Bosa has quite the HQ operation set up along Channel...a number of trailers there from different subs, as well as the pieces of their two tower cranes from Radiance Phase I just sitting I assume they'll be needed again pretty soon. They've also got quite a lot of steel beams...look like the I-beams used for piles, but they don't look long enough. They may be the remnants from piles already driven at their other projects, but I could be wrong.

- Lots of work still going on on the streets in the area...Owens extension, 4th street connecting UCSF to the channel, several of the east-west streets that will link 3rd and 4th streets...lots of utility work going on there for now.
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