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Originally Posted by CoolCzech View Post
There have been reports of a bizarre phenomenon that some are calling the "dead zone," a five-block radius surrounding the Empire State Building where many say they've been unable to start their vehicle's engine after parking in the area.

"The whole security system will not work. The door will not be opened, the activation of the security system won't work, the ignition will not work," says Rony Yaakobovitch a tow truck operator at Citywide Towing.

Tow trucks operators say the "dead zone" is no secret -- it's been going on for years.] Even doormen working along Park Avenue swear there's something coming off the skyscraper and zapping cars.

So what do experts have to say about the "dead zone?"

"It sounds a little suspicious. It sounds like more than just random breakdowns in a city. The location and frequency sounds a bit high," says Karl Brauer, an automotive expert. "I believe it's potentially true and I'd want to see more statistics to see if you could confirm something."
And Doctor Doom stikes again...(or maybe it was Dr. Evil). Eventually, all of Manhattan will be striken by the ESB's giant "deathray"....making Doom ruler once and for all.
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