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Originally Posted by 2-TOWERS View Post
what is that other square hole on the upper part of the memorial?
Originally Posted by drewmandan View Post
That's the second memorial. You see, towers 1 and 2 were very close together.
Originally Posted by JSsocal View Post
I think he was asking what the hole that was directly next to the north footprint was, and to answer his question, I am pretty sure it is being used to lower large memorial items into place in the levels below
Right. The Twin Towers were spaced about 100 feet apart, and arranged so that the edge of one tower's wall was on the same line as the other tower's opposite wall. I've done up a quick recap of the site; the new memorial footprints will correspond roughly to the actual locations of the Twin Towers which I've outlined in red, with the new towers surrounding:

You can even see the outlines of the old foundations, inside my red boxes.

Now, from the looks of the most recently posted images, they don't appear to have really made much progress on the south memorial footprint yet, and I tend to agree with JSsocal's theory.
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