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Originally Posted by halifaxboyns View Post
Obviously, if the surrounding context was more along the lines of 2 stories and there was no development around it - then that might be a different storey. But 5 stories isn't a huge step up when the university building next door is 4 stories? Maybe 5?
According to ANS, some of the people who spoke against this development live in a ~10 storey building across the street.

I think this is one of those "infill is great, just not in my backyard" cases. It's easy to agree in the abstract that X% of development should be in the urban core, but in order to hit those targets the city has to actually permit new buildings somewhere, and some people will not be happy. There is empty land on the peninsula but it's not all immediately available or owned by developers (a large portion of it is owned by the government). It seem pretty likely to me that if developers can't even put up a lowrise apartment along a mixed, semi-major street like Coburg Road, there isn't much hope for hitting that 25% target.

I also find it pretty evil that people who live near Dalhousie complain about the fact that new housing might be available to students. In the case of the apartments on South Street years ago there were people complaining that nurses might move into the 1-bedroom units. Seriously.
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