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Originally Posted by HossC View Post

The first picture is definitely East Washington Boulevard because it shows the General Motors Truck Co at 1850 East Washington Boulevard. The picture below was taken in 1931, but it's the same building.

USC Digital Library

The image above is part of a four-picture photoset looking each way at the intersection of East Washington and S Alameda. The truck in the image below is roughly where the dump entrance would be a few years later. The sign is for the Blue Diamond Corp which is listed at 1650 S Alameda (a couple of blocks north) in the 1932 CD. They were in the building materials and supplies business, so it's possible this was their yard just south of their office.

Detail of picture at USC Digital Library

This picture is from 1961, but shows the curved street in the second of e_r's pictures. East Washington Boulevard is the short street nearly halfway down the left hand side. It crosses Alameda and then sharply curves around the dump. East Washington Boulevard now continues straight across the old dump site.

Detail of picture at USC Digital Library
You know, the top picture looks a bit earlier than 31'. If you go to the site and magnify it, the woman's clothes are definitely late 20's and the cars seem earlier, too. What do you guys think?
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