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Originally Posted by mdpx View Post
Hyberbole, sure, but your horrid or not worthy comments regarding projects you don't particularly like because they're not pretty, doesn't mean they shouldn't be saved for other reasons such as, oh, I don't know, history perhaps? They said that about the Orpheum Theater years ago when they were developing Phoenix City Hall. THe interior was a disaster and many thought it was not worth saving. Have you been inside since it's restoration? One of the most beautiful theaters I've ever been in and that includes Europe. So a little room for others who care about historic preservation (regardless of whether you think it's worth saving so it can be replaced by a non-descript high-rise building).
Right but once again, you are trying to equate real historically important and architecturally beautiful structures vrs. a 50's car dealer turned record store

Apples and oranges not comparable in my opinion.

That's like saying every hovel in Europe is just as important to preservation as cathedrals simply by their nature of being old.
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