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Originally Posted by nickw252 View Post
I got this email from my neighborhood association:

Although I think preservationists in Phoenix have had a very positive impact on the historic districts (i.e. they prevented the I10 from going through the historic districts above ground). However, their characterization in this email is a little dramatic. It's also annoying that nothing is said or done as a building is sitting empty deteriorating, and the second a developer wants to do something they're all up in arms. Personally, I'm all in favor of saving the curved glass section and integrating that into a residential building.

I'd love to go to the meeting but I won't be able to. Anyone else going?
Holy shit that youtube video is amazing! The rotating neon Studebaker/Stewart Motor Company sign is simply incredible!!!! (go to approximately 9:00 of the video)

Can anyone going to the meeting tonight (Ronnie??) inquire about that sign and the developer's plan for potentially restoring it? Maybe it's still there under the "Circles" skin. The developer mentioned the ability to restore the rotating showroom floor, maybe the sign could be restored too, rotating and all.

If I were the vocal preservationists, I'd shift my focus from saving the entire building including the north half of the building (unlikely) to compromising with the developer and ask for the restoration of the sign to be included in their development. Imagine how amazing that sign would be restored!!! It's so breath-taking I can't imagine how awesome that would be.

To the vocal preservationists: please compromise, don't take an all-or-nothing stance, the developer could easily demolish everything. Save The Empire! Err, the Stewart Motor Company Sign and the south half!!
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