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Originally Posted by Keith P. View Post
The "extension" is only one lane and is a blind hill to boot. Meanwhile the street continues in conventional form on either side of this bottleneck. If Victoria could have been extended as a proper 2-lane street for this one block it would have a tremendous beneficial effect on traffic flow to Dartmouth's downtown, to the point where I would suggest traffic signals would be needed at the corner of Victoria and Ochterloney. This is a prime example of how our antiquated street network stifles flow and by extension, development.
I don't really see how this would improve things as the major route (Alderney Drive) is not aligned to accommodate a large traffic flow to Victoria anyhow. Plus, as you mentioned, the terrain is not the greatest for huge numbers of fast-moving vehicles with blind crests and some of the steepest grades in the city. Sounds to me like you would just be trading one traffic problem for other traffic problems.
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