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Originally Posted by IMBY View Post
As far as the hotel/motel chains, I never get my expectations up over their designs, unless they built/designed in a foreign country.

Interestingly, having viewed cities around the world that have our hotel/motel chains, the architecture in many parts of the world is far more exciting than the motels/hotels they build here, and why is that? City council members too afraid to put their foot down and demand a more attractive building, fearful they'll go elsewhere?

I think small cities like Boise are so eager for new development that they don't properly critique some of these hotel designs, especially when they're built in a prominent downtown location. that's why this boring thing was just built and opened last week in downtown Boise:

I mean, I get it--large hotel chains aren't going to spend money custom-designing every hotel, especially for a small town like Boise. these cookie-cutter hotels are fine out by the airport or mall, but I hate when they get build in the CBD. thankfully, most of the newer hotels (save for this one and the new Hyatt) don't follow the typical chain template.
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