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Originally Posted by Keith P. View Post
The reason is simple - the anti-development NIMBY group that fought this every step of the way first appealed this to the UARB, and when that was unsuccessful, threatened to take it to the NS Supreme Court. How much abuse and delay should the developer be expected to take?

I would also like the councillor to unequivocally deny that he and HRM staff are investigating ways to expropriate the property to quash the as-of-riight development. That would be exceedingly foolhardy and underhanded in my view and would likely ensure his defeat in the next election.
I'm asking for an information report on Tuesday that looks at all our options. There is enough community concern that it warrants a detailed look at what HRM can and can't do. I expect they'll be no planning grounds (it's as-of-right and a building permit has been issued), and I expect that there will be no interest in acquiring the property due to high cost. People deserve that explanation though since that's what everyone is asking.

The only realistic long shot would be some sort of swap. HRM, for example, owns the property at the corner of Ochterloney and Alderney which HRM staff consider surplus. It's about the same size as the portion of Prince Albert/Glenwood that a hotel could be built on. It's Downtown, and next to existing tall buildings. I would be happy to have a hotel there. It's an outside the box move and a lot would need to fall into place for HRM and the developer to come to an arrangement and, at the end of it, the developer may not be able to shift considering the work and expense he has sunk into Prince Albert/Glenwood. It's probably the only option that might have a chance that doesn't result in 16 storeys at Prince Albert/Glenwood.
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