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^^^^ BRT? Looking to Cleveland? wtf?

ABQ ought to do Modern Street along Central Ave from San Mateo Blvd to Central Ave and Atrisco. That connects the Knob Hill area, the University, Downtown (and Amtrak/the Rail Runner) and the Botanical Garden, Aquarium, Country Club, Old Town, the museum area, Rio Grande river, etc. Crossing the Rio Grande would allow for a nice park and ride connecting the west side of ABQ. Its only a 6.5 Mile line, so it likely wouldn't be too terrible expensive.

Then a 2nd branch line could run N/S from University and Indian School down to the Airport. That connects all the various hospitals, University buildings, the community college, the sports complexes for the University and the Isotopes to the airport. Its a 4.5 mile line.

You're talking about a total 11 mile system that could entirely change ABQ forever without a terrible huge investment.
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