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Calgary's historic City Hall has been undergoing a restoration for years now, and is set to be complete by 2021. The building has been disassembled brick by brick so that the steel superstructure can be rebuilt. Each brick has been cleaned, catalogued, and put back in its original position. The building has been and will again be the home of the offices of the city councillors and a few other city departments upon completion. The clock in the tower is the last of its kind remaining in Canada, and one of only 12 left in the world. It is undergoing a full restoration and should last another hundred years.

for the last several years, city hall has been wrapped in a tent mimicking the appearance of the building itself while the revitalization is underway. Upon completion of the revitalization, Calgary City Hall will be 110 years old, and is the only historic city hall remaining in the major cities of the Prairies.

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