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^^ Think the reference there was to God, not Gang.

At any rate, my initial reaction to the rendering is a bit on the underwhelmed side as well, however that could be just as much or more a function of incredibly high expectations as anything else. It's got potential - and a lot of potential to grow on me as well. Wondering of course just how 'final' the design is in this rendering.....

Also, the wsj article seemed to imply a total project cost of no more than approximately $250 million. Seems to me to be at least somewhat on the low side to build what's in that rendering (and keeping in mind luxury hotel and condos for the residential)........Actually, scratch that - that up to $250 million would only be the equity investment I'm cost including debt of course could be much more........I have a feeling the leverage here will likely end up being quite a bit lower than other 'similar' projects.....
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