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Great shots of a few of my favourite parts of Montreal.

The 25,000 residents of the Golden Square Mile in its heyday once controlled something like 70% of wealth of all of Canada (19th century into the early 20th). The area went into decline during the 20th century, particularly following the Great Depression. Montreal's wealthiest residents moved to nearby Westmount, and several major businesses run by the Anglo establishment moved to Toronto. A lot of the mansions were demolished and replaced with apartment buildings in the 1960s and 70s. Many of the remaining mansions are owned by institutions such as McGill University or are used as foreign consulates, etc.

An area that is linked to the Golden Square Mile is Old Montreal's St. Jacques Street, once the Wall Street of Canada. Major banks (such as the Bank of Montreal, the Royal Bank and the Molson Bank) were based along (or near) this street. Old Montreal was really downtown, while the current downtown was largely part of the Golden Square Mile.
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