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Austinlee - I'm happy you like it. These towers are called Sea Towers and they're the most controversial project in recent years. I don't know why, because they are very good in term of architecture. But you know - some of these people will never like something what's new and brings freshness. They would rather like to see there some low blocks or "better" - grass with trees Well, I don't and I'm glad that this building was finished years ago

FerrariEnzo - So, here they are (not mine!):

Market Hall (Hala Targowa), built in 1936-38. As you can see this shot is from WWII time.

Main street 10 Lutego in 1914.

Maritime Station (Dworzec Morski). Built in 1933.,200,40/...=dataWykonania

Polish Ocean Lines. Built in 1936.,280,40/...=dataWykonania

And last but not least. Check this old photo. It's too big to post it here.

PS. Of course all these old photos aren't mine and they're just a very small part of what we've got from this period of time. I put them here only for historical and educational purposes. Links to orginal sites are available

Mrnyc - Thanks! I think the reason is Gdansk and Sopot are more touristy in sense of old architecture and XIX-th century (or even middleage) vibe. Especially Gdansk is the main place where tourists heads up from trains or ships. Gdynia is a young and fine city to see and live. For sure my city deserves more attention, so this is why this thread is here.

Btw. Most of these buildings are from 30s so this is more typical modernist style than Art-Deco. Of course we have some Art-Deco but not much. For Gdynia streamline shapes and white elevations are most common

Architype - Thanks and there are of course much and much more of them And we can't forget about beautifull modernist staircases like this (photo not mine).

Boroda - I finally made it

I remember our chatting and your thread about Gdynia

Yeah my camera is nice but I need better lens.

You're welcome here! It would be nice to see each other and maybe I could take you on a trip through most interesting parts of the city

PS. If you guys enjoy this thread please let it make to second page, so I can put some shots of Gdynia (and maybe Sopot) from my cellphone! Thanks!
Gdynia - My debut thread about modernist city in Poland. Come and see!

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