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Originally Posted by jstush04 View Post
lol, this is terrible
What's terrible is being a provincial twit and thinking that everyone in the world speaks English as their first language.

HighZed, the following information comes from's entry about the Chrysler Building.

"The Chrysler Building is also well renowned and recognised for its terraced crown. Composed of seven radiating terraced arches, Van Alen's design of the crown is a cruciform groin vault constructed into seven concentric members with transitioning set-backs, mounted up one behind each other. The stainless steel cladding was ribbed and riveted in a radiating pattern and had many triangular vaulted windows, transitioning into smaller segments of the seven narrow set-backs of the facade of the terraced crown. The entire crown is clad with silvery "Enduro KA-2" metal, an austenitic stainless steel developed in Germany by Krupp and marketed under the trade name "Nirosta" (A German play-on-words for "nie rost", meaning "never rust").

So the basic answer is - the spire and crown of the Chrysler Building is composed of a special steel alloy called Nirosta. Hopefully this helps you
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