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Originally Posted by niwell View Post
I'm definitely planning to check it out when I'm in Calgary this August. I saw it under construction last time I was in the East Village but that was also during the depths of winter so excited to be able to explore during nice weather.
Make sure you go when they have the organist playing the old theatre sound system. That was worth it. Without that the content was kinda thin. I think they play it twice a day. I went there around 5:00pm I think.

Also do me a solid and take a picture at the top if you can. I'm really curious if they fucked up the tile that bad or it's just photoshop.

Edit: With the help of Google I found some other pics. For some strange reason it looks like they got rid of the gapping in the tiles in a section near the middle. I have no idea why unless it's just in an effort to keep people from trying to pry them off or something. Looks really sloppy though.

Looking at an original rendering from Allied Architects it appears they planned it to have multiple patterns. Not quite like this though.

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