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Originally Posted by bikes
There isnt, the last official info was BD @ 277m/82storeys, so even if its 85storeys it cant be 300m officially.. Although check this:
If you know the area at all, you will know from that angle that the Millenium Tower is about 700m further away from the camera than the BD.

Drawing a straight line accross the pic gives a false representation.

....a more accute angle to highlight the camera phenomena.....

In that must be at least 350m in this picture!

In answer to your question AltinD, floorwise they're still on 82 but I take it to the pinnacle of concrete construction.
exluding the steel reinforcing that pokes out above the yellow (now brown) panels!

It can't be classed as official sure, but I try only to give the most accurate detail as I can based on the 'facts' we
already know.

However, if the last official height at level 44 was measured to the last finished floor and not to the uppermost construction
then I suppose that would undersell the average level and by now would put the BD above 315m tall.

I'm sure SSC fans, will stick to their number, for now we'll stick to ours!

But I think we all agree, that 277m at Level 80 was understated!

A strange perspective!

....twising the picture still doesn't give one a sense of dimentional perspective!

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