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Originally Posted by Sky Tower
I was going go to Dubai at the end of March next year but have decided I'm going again in the second week of January.
I'll be there for a week or so and I'll ask Slugbelch to add the stuff to the forum.
No problem.

Good luck with the interior shots and most of all, HAVE FUN... and don't get busted! We don't need to see a thread of:

"Forumer in Burj Dubai jail for taking construction updates. Please help!"

You don't have to spend a lot of time with height calculations and stuff to please/prove to others. That's just time taken away from great picture taking. Most of all, just for a little while, put the camera down and just admire what you are actually seeing before you. Very few (even skyscraper forumers) can witness what is beeing done there and you are one, of a very fortunate few, who have the chance.

Nov 15:

Nov 16:


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